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This month we have professionals from their fields  answering your burning questions

We want to try a new online format.

We will have 4 breakout rooms, with two experienced people in each, answering your questions about their field of work:

  • Content Design
  • User Research,
  • Service design
  • UX/Interaction design

People will get to chose which room they want to go to for 30min. There will be at least 2 sessions maybe 3 during the evening.

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Could you help us prepare by answering a few questions?


This short questionnaire will only take you 2 minutes to fill in.

This is anonymous. We will use your answers only to prepare the event and will delete this on the 4/08/21. If you have any question about the questionnaire, please contact one of the organisers: Bobby, Kat, Neil or Stéphanie.


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