Joint meet-up with UX Zimbabwe: Design tools showcase

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On Wednesday 5 June, we had a joint meet-up with UX Zimbabwe!

We had 4 speakers presenting design tools they use.

At the end, we had breakout rooms with a mix of people from both meet-ups in each of them.

The speakers’ part was recorded by UX ZIM. You can find it on their YouTube channel:

The speakers

Donell Mtabvuri – UX Zim

Bio: I am a solution architect (but I call myself a UX engineer from time to time), focusing on providing managed IT services and developing internal business applications (in Microsoft 365) as well as dabbling in marketing websites (Framer).

Design Tool:, a motion design tool far simpler to use than Adobe After Effects for most business use cases. I use it to animate prototypes, short how-to tutorials for applications I have built and animating pitch decks. You can import your design from Figma, animate and export to Lottie, or from 720p to 4K video.

Social media handle: Instagram, LinkedIn


Stéphanie Krus – UX Glasgow

Bio: I’m a French native designer with a strong focus on accessibility, inclusion and service design. I’ve been living in Scotland for nearly 20 years. Most of my work is in the public sector.

Design Tool: Some quick accessibility checks: tabbing through your website, checking contrast, zooming and Wave tool. Google chrome dev tools – making quick changes on your page – for that last one, you need a bit of knowledge of HTML and CSS.

You can access all the things presented by Stéphanie in this google doc.

Social media handle: LinkedIn, Mastodon


Jonny Holden – UX Glasgow

Bio: Working in various web related roles from content to site building. Director at, building marketing sites for SaaS. 

Design Tool: a full wireframe and content gathering tool that is simple enough for non technical people to use, but powerful enough to help designers and web builders create well structured, SEO ready sites. 

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Freebie: Use code OCTGLASGOW for 30% OFF PRO account Monthly or Annual. One time only (first month or first year). (No affiliation, I just love the product!) 


Geke van Dijk – UX Glasgow

Bio: Co-founder and Strategy Director of STBY in Amsterdam and London, specialised in design research for service innovation, working for international clients in industry and public sector. 

Design Tool: Two tools from the DIY Toolkit: Evidence Planning and Fast Idea Generator. They provide a quick analytical review of a problem space and creative prompts for thinking about potential new directions for improvement.

Slides from Geke’s demo

Social media handle: LinkedIn


In the chat and at the end, we heard from Rebecca Lee, and she shared the link to the LinkedIn group for Universal Recognition, so do join and say hello there, they welcome anyone interested in furthering accessibility.


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Photo at the top from Dan Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash