2021: New Year’s Resolutions

UX Glasgow People during a Zoom call

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Let’s start the year with a chat about what we want to learn and do in 2021.


Things to Learn
Coaching skills
Machine learning
Follow curiosity
Learn not to do too much
Learn about UX
Work/life balance
UXDI diploma
UX aspects
Learn to code – no. Being able to speak
Know when you are stuck – give context / Time Management
UX diploma and UI certificate DIY – How to package for recruiters
Design ops
Do Side projects
UX / Collaboration Tools
Practical empathy – speak to devs. UXDI – learner/achiever
IXDA. IFD. Design thinking.
Something my own.
Resources for product startup.
UX Strategy
Teach a colleague
Career change
Adobe XD
Attend UX Glasgow every month and do a talk. Fix house. Invissline. Brace.
Nielsen Norman Group. 1000.
UXDI. Get a job.
Don’t do resolutions. BSL. Talks
How people learn best
In person
Book – haver blog
Playing around
Teaching others – create wikis
Sneak things into projects that you want to learn
Through websites
Online courses
Listening to conversations and seeing visuals
YouTube amazing it’s free
Learn through doing – write medium articles
Doing – have to learn something – jump off the cliff
Reading – articles
Going to conferences – broaden horizons
Miracle morning
Formal structured learning
Too many resolutions
Have a mentor
Stop worrying, take time
Adobe Max Conference Do the Portfolio
Time to reflect
Watch others doing it.
Visual. Kinaesthetic. Audio. – Disproved?!
Global to details.
Habit stacking.
Tiny habits. A little bit. 5 minutes a day.
Make something very obvious. Put the guitar in an obvious place.