UX Scotland Special

Kat is showing a slide on a big screen, Neil is sitting on the right there is another person sitting at a round table, it's a small room with brick walls

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We are doing a UX Scotland special on Wednesday 5 July, from 6pm to 8pm.

It will be online on Zoom and will NOT be recorded.

The UX Scotland conference was back in person this year from the 7 to 9 June. It was a great event!

Kat and Neil hosted a Lean Coffee discussion on ‘Building communities of practice’. They have shared resources about it.

Stéphanie spoke about inclusion and gave an extra talk about accessibility.

We wanted to give you a bit of a taste of the conference, so we have asked Lauren and Tricia to give their talks again for our July session and they accepted. A big thank you to both of them!

The speakers will give a slightly shorter version of their talk, aiming to leave 5 min for questions at the end each time.


  • 18:00 – Welcome and quick intro
  • 18:05 – Tricia Okin: Get in where you fit in: understanding which teams work for you
  • 18:40 – Lauren Tormey: I don’t know what I’m doing and that’s okay: lessons learned as a manager
  • 19:15 – Break (10min)
  • 19:25 – Stéphanie Krus: Inclusion: going beyond accessibility and digital capability

The speakers


Tricia Okin

Tricia is a user experience designer and service designer who uses design thinking for the public good and the good of her clients’ businesses.

As an experienced design leader and strategist who has practiced human-centred design since 2004, she brings design to bear on wicked human and business problems such as educational innovation, open access health, and technology awareness.

Over time, she discovered her superpower was in teaching and facilitating design workshops and bringing disparate groups together to create solutions that affect change in their communities. Helping people design democratic systems to collaboratively use de- sign in their everyday lives gives her purpose and all kinds of life.

Tricia’s goal when working with groups is to champion those who may not usually have a seat at the table while balancing the needs of the organisation’s objectives. Her approach to design is holistic and inclusive while being driven by effective results.

LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter @triciaokin


Lauren Tormey

Lauren is a Senior Content Designer at the University of Edinburgh. She works as part of a multi-disciplinary design team focusing on improving the digital provision for prospective students.

In her eight years in higher education, she has used her editorial, CMS, and UX skills to support the creation and maintenance of more effective, human-centred content.

In her spare time, Lauren is a keen runner and an advocate for a more humane immigration system in the UK.

Pronouns: She/Her
Twitter @ltormey

Stéphanie Krus

Stéphanie is a service designer working for dxw, an employee owned digital agency that works with the public and third sectors. She has a background in teaching and computing initially and never really studied service design as such, but has learned ‘by doing’ in previous roles.

You can find resources around accessibility and inclusion on her blog or learn more about projects she was involved in, like the ‘Practitioner Stories’ with Angela F. Orviz, Serena Nüsing and Vinishree Verma which is a self initiated research project aiming to collect stories on how to better support, grow, and build up the service design community in Scotland.

She enjoys attending various events about design and accessibility to learn from others and is one of the four organisers of the UX Glasgow meet-up.



Some resources

Many speakers shared their slides. You can find them on the the conference’s programme page. You will have an icon of slides or link next to their talk. If you select the talk from the programme, you will get a link to their slides on their session page.

Sharing  Tricia’s slides: Get in where you fit in: understanding which teams work for you, and Lauren’s slides: I don’t know what I’m doing and that’s okay: lessons learned as a manager.

You can find the slides for both talks Stéphanie gave oat the conference, there is also a recording from last year of the accessibility talk:

And finally Kat and Neil’s resources about building communities of practice

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