Show & Tell: 18 Months On

Photo of Ideas generated

Around 18 months ago, we had an in-person meetup in the CCA with people discussing and getting feedback on projects they had worked on. The pandemic was in the news, but no one knew what was coming.

We thought it would be worth returning to the CCA to do another Show & Tell of things we’ve been working on and give us an opportunity to reflect on the last 18 months.

We are meeting on Wednesday 6 October from 6pm in the downstairs bar at the CCA. It should be accessible to all but do check out this accessibility guide for more details.

Firstly, don’t worry – bringing something along is totally optional.

The idea is to discuss something you’ve worked on or a work-in-progress. This could be a website, an app, some research you’re doing, personas, wireframes … whatever. The basic framework will be to explain the problem, how you went about solving it, and what you learnt along the way. Please feel free to bring along a laptop/tablet, a print out, a sketch or something that people can look at. By 8pm we should all have learnt something about each other’s processes.

Hope to see you there. There is no tickets for this event, but do drop us an email at if you intend to come.

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