UX Glasgow Lean Coffee

The next UX Glasgow meetup is on Wednesday 7 September from 6pm in the ground floor bar at the CCA. Check out this video we made in May to see how to get there or look up the CCA on Google Maps.

We’re going to be running the event as in the lean coffee format, which is a fun, collaborative, agendaless way of discussing topics in a group.

We’ll decide on the night what to discuss, but topics could include:

  • The role of AI (the featured image for this post was generated by DALL-E 2!
  • This UCD-critical tweet from Ian Bogost
  • The energy crisis and whether it will get people back into offices

We’ll have stickies and pens but do feel free to bring along your own. We’ll also have a 🛎!

Hope to see you there!