2020-11-04 18:00:00

How to get into UX … from people who just got into UX

This month we have Steve Miller-Perry, Alessio Ferracuti, Alma Strutt, Atanas Dimitrov, and Christian Richards talking about how they got into UX and made the leap from newbie to professional.

As a bonus, Kat Husbands will be giving us a debrief of what she learned at the recent UCD Gathering.

UX Glasgow is an informal, co-operative monthly meetup. We welcome everyone who cares about UX — no matter whether you’re a client, a visual designer, an information architect, a copywriter, a developer or a usability specialist. Discuss, debate, share info and learnings, or ask a question.

We have limited places on Zoom so do book now (you don’t need a Zoom account to access this event).


– Short talks from people new to UX: What you’ve learned, what was most useful, job hunting tips?

Path to UX covering various roles graphic designer – software developer – ux designer.
tips for breaking into UX?

1. Why did you pick UX?
2. Describe your journey into UX in 5 steps or more.
3. Best piece of advice your received or want to share?
4. Biggest waste of time on your journey (if any)?
5. Future ambitions?
6. Part of UX you enjoy most?

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