User centred design in the third sector

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We started the year online with one talk, followed by some conversation-starting polls and quiz.

Talk: User centred design in the third sector

Being a user-centred designer in the charity sector comes with particular challenges, including working with fewer resources than many public and private sector organisations, managing funding restrictions, and working with vulnerable people.

This talk will cover:

  • the challenges of doing user-centred design in the third sector
  • how those challenges can be overcome
  • some examples of good work that’s happening in third sector design

Our speaker

Katie Dickerson started her career in content, then discovered service design and never looked back. She has worked in the charity sector and public sector, and now works as a service design consultant with government and third sector organisations. When she isn’t working, she plays roller derby and volunteers with charities that want to use design and digital to deliver better services.

You can access the slides Doing more with less: user-centred design in the third sector

We need your input about UX Glasgow!

Help us improve UX Glasgow events. We have 9 questions for you in in a survey (Google form). It’s anonymous. Results are on this page.

A bit of fun about our meet-up

We had a quiz on Slido during the session. If you missed it, you can access the same Quiz as a Google form.

Gathering insights and resources

Finally, we had 9 questions (Google form) to get insights about your goals for 2024 and to get some ideas of events, newsletters and things to read from you which we will share back with all.

You can still take the survey, we will update this page if we get more answers and more resources. The survey is anonymous.

One thing you want to start

  • Networking / Building a supportive network
  • Get better at helping clients embrace the design process
  • Freelancing / contracting
  • Use more of my visual/graphic and sketching skills
  • Landing my first UX design job
  • Return to Ceroc dancing
  • Do more charity projects related with UX and design
  • More up-skilling activities

One thing you want to learn/improve on

  • Co-design
  • Quantitative research
  • Digital accessibility
  • Write quick blog posts
  • Join more Slack channels for designers to network
  • Deep focus
  • Minute taking with action lists
  • Learn to use AI prompts
  • Artistic design

One thing you want to stop

  • Sleeping in
  • Worrying about doing things perfectly / over-thinking
  • Eat less chocolate
  • Wasting time on negative things

One thing you want OTHERS to start doing this year

  • Accessibility
  • Environmental awareness, buy less, travel sustainably
  • Collaborating more with engineers
  • Be kind and compassionate with others
  • Listening more intently
  • Investing in yourself (learn new skills, learn how to rest)

One thing you want other to STOP doing this year

  • Underestimating themselves
  • Putting PDFs on their websites
  • Incorrect ramp angles
  • Stop using AI for everything / Mis-using ChatGPT
  • Procrastinating
  • Too much waste – single use stuff

One thing you wish will happen to you this year

  • Attend a conference for the first time
  • Land my first UX design job / New job
  • Get to work on a really exciting design project
  • ADHD Diagnosis with medication for focus
  • More travelling

What book / article you think people in design should read in 2024?

One event you think people should attend this year

One newsletter you think people should subscribe to this year

All the best for 2024!