How to get UX buy in

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Many companies design for their users without speaking to them, leading to frustrating products.

In March 2022 we had Laura Yarrow give a talk and then hosted an online panel discussion about how to get ‘buy in’ for UX design, convincing businesses and organisations to value user research and execute on its findings.



Laura YarrowLaura Yarrow
Laura is a Head of Design at HM Land Registry. She has spent the last 16 years in the digital industry, first as a web developer and eventually moving into user experience design, fuelled by a growing curiosity about the people she was creating products and services for. When she’s not immersed in experience design and spending time with her family, she can also be found reading and trying to write her own book, taming her garden – and playing the piano out of tune.

Amjid Rasool
Amjid is Head of Service Design at Tesco Bank. A key part of his role is raising design maturity at the Bank – which has seen its application extended from Visual and UI design, to being used as a strategic capability to solve a variety of business challenges.

Hilary Brownlie
Hilary has over a decade working in user research and design, mostly in the public sector. She has a love of fonts & maps and really does think robots are the future (so is making friends with them now).

Alma Strutt
Alma’s background is in graphic design and software development. After researching how different UX methodologies could shape the solutions in development, she left her developer role to study UX Design with the UX Design Institute. On achieving her diploma, she has been UX Lead with Student Loans Company, UX Designer and Researcher with the Wheatley Group and recently started a new position as Researcher & Strategist with JP Morgan Chase.