2020-08-05 18:00:00

Scotland’s AI Strategy

UX Glasgow

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Join us for 3 short talks about AI and your monthly fix of group discussion with fellow UXers!

  • Annie Cook has been running the public engagement for Scotland’s AI Strategy: she’ll tell us about her work on that with The Democratic Society.
  • Then Ricky Callaghan will share his experience of taking part in that public engagement.
  • Meanwhile Aya Ben Arahon and Ram Almog from Red-Interactive have been using design sprints to help a hospital integrate AI into therapeutic processes: they’ll let us know how that worked.

After the talks, because we’re all getting bored of sitting passively on Zoom, we’re going to try a new way of using the breakout rooms to let you pick what you want to talk about, and who with, and to move between rooms and topics to your heart’s desire.